St Patrick’s National School, Skerries

Rehab Recycle and Microsoft teamed up with Santa to make a very special pre-Christmas delivery to the staff and students at St. Patricks National School in Skerries.

It all started with two Microsoft employees determined to do something for St. Patricks National School in Skerries , be it to dig a hole or paint a wall, Tara Fernades and his colleague Gordon Tolan were determined to carry out a worthwhile deed for the students and staff.

In September the first meeting took place, the outcome a much bigger project than the guys had expected. St. Patricks needed help with IT, and Tara and Gordon were determined to deliver a full IT program.

Spurred on by the enthusiasm of the team at St. Patricks and a genuine desire to make a lasting difference they returned to Microsoft and enlisted the help of Tibbs Pereira and Daan Jacobs - fellow volunteers on the journey to make IT more accessible.

They had the manpower, they had the eagerness, they had the will but they didn’t have computers! Remembering that Rehab Recycle had been Ireland’s first Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher, Tara picked up the phone and called the Promise it to Rehab Recycle hotline on 1800 661 551. The response was swift and positive “We’d be delighted to help.” So with gusto and ease the school signed up and the process was stared to ready nine PCs, pre loaded with a Microsoft operating system, to be delivered on the 30th of November.

Promise it to Rehab Recycle delivers desktops and laptops to schools, charities and community groups throughout Ireland for €85, making IT more accessible while supporting sustainable jobs for people with disabilities.

And so training was delivered, Office 365 explained, servers connected and on the 30th of November Microsoft software was loaded onto the Promise it to Rehab Recycle PCs. But this is just the beginning – computers are a vital part of our daily lives, and the skill that this donation will bring to the young students at St. Patricks National School will be skills for life, skills that they will always carry with them....and it all started with two people, prepared to dig a hole or paint a wall.


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