HOPE is the grateful recipient of seven office PCs kindly donated by Safefood, Little Island, Cork, through the Promise IT to Rehab Recycle corporate donation programme ( These PCs are being put to excellent use in both the Cork and Dublin fundraising offices.

Safefood had excess equipment that they wanted to donate to a local charity, but were anxious about data security and so contacted the Promise IT to Rehab Recycle team who facilitated the desktop donation to HOPE.  Rehab Recycle bought the equipment back to their facility and securely wiped the hard drives of data, before rebuilding the PCs with a Microsoft operating system and making the delivery to HOPE.

Donations like this not only help charities by giving them low-cost IT equipment but also support the sustainable employment of 22 people with disabilities at the Rehab Recycle Tallaght Facility, while lessening the load on landfill and offering the donor peace of mind that their data has been securely wiped.

For more on how you can make a charity donation through Promise IT to Rehab Recycle, follow us on Facebook: or contact us using the online form.

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