Lenovo, Dublin City Council & Age Action

Lenovo, Dublin City Council and Age Action

Making a promise to pass IT on with Rehab Recycle could not be easier as the people with Lenovo found out recently.

Dublin City Council currently have over one hundred sheltered housing sites around Dublin, they are working closely with Age Action to provide computer classes to residents of those sites. As we all know IT equipment is expensive but when starting from scratch to equip the sites with the necessary hardware, software and internet connections the costs soon mount up.

Enter Lenovo, one of the world’s largest PC vendors. Lenovo had in their possession end of life laptops which they passed on to Promise it to Rehab Recycle. As part of the Promise it programme the laptops were given a new lease of life, refurbished with a Microsoft Operating system and passed on to Dublin City Council and Age Action on behalf of Lenovo.

The Age Action “Getting Started” classes are now well under way at centres around the city.

Making a promise to pass IT on with Rehab Recycle gives peace of mind to companies who know that their assets are in safe hands. As part of their information security management service Promise IT to Rehab Recycle certifiably wipe data from the hard drives at our secure facility providing a complete report back to the company. All assets are then cleaned up, and refurbished using a genuine Microsoft Operating System before being passed on to schools, charities and community groups.

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