BenefiT3 Initiative

Computer skills are an essential part of daily life and now used for much more than just creating spreadsheets – today we bank, read, shop, and stay in touch with friends and family online. Yet so many people do not have the computer skills necessary to use IT to make their daily life easier. Promise it to Rehab Recycle is helping to bring people and computers closer together.

National Learning Network is aiming to combat the digital divide by introducing these essential skills to new users in a relaxed learning environment which will help those, who are perhaps a little nervous about starting to learn about IT, feel comfortable and relaxed with what can be a daunting first step. The BenefIT3 initiative is funded by the Department of Communications, Energy, and Natural Resources.

Promise IT to Rehab Recycle is delighted to be part of this wonderful programme which will see 1300 people in 33 locations nationwide email, shop, tweet and “like” their way to a new skill which will significantly improve their lives.

As an incentive to participate and further develop their new skills at home Promise IT to Rehab Recycle is donating laptops which will be raffled among participants. The lucky winner will receive a laptop in its second life, which has been rebuilt using a Microsoft operating system.

The first lucky winner of the laptop is Desiree Kane, Limerick. The laptop was presented to Cyril Gibbons, Regional Director of the National Learning Network, Dublin, Wicklow and the North East by Aisling Kennedy, Aisling is part of the team who rebuilds desktops and laptops at Rehab Recycle.

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