How Promise IT Works

Representatives from Age Action receive laptopsWhat we do?

We take surplus or unused IT equipment from companies who are no longer using it, we securely wipe all the data from the hard drives, rebuild the equipment using a Microsoft Operating System, clean it, polish it, put it in a nice box and deliver it to its new home so it can begin its second life.


Why do we do it?

In our opinion it’s a win, win situation….

• The recipient wins because they are accessing low cost IT equipment
• The donor wins because we securely wipe the data for free
• The initiative creates employment for people with disabilities
• The environment wins because the equipment is reused instead of going to  landfill



Why should you donate?

By donating, you are helping a school, charity or community group with little or no funds to get access to computers. You are helping to provide employment for people with disabilities. You are helping the environment. You are doing all of this with the peace of mind because you know we will securely wipe the data from your hard drives.


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